Stop the Technet Sales Calls (661-702-2905)

I maintain a personal technet subscription so I can play with Microsoft software when necessary. My subscription is due to expire at the end of this month and I’ve been receiving phone calls during the day from extremely aggressive salesmen urging me to whip out my credit card and renew on the spot.

These calls started with 2 months left on my subscription and didn’t stop even after I renewed it online, though perhaps I should not have (see also: Microsoft tightens MSDN and TechNet terms again).

Googling the number (661-702-2905) shows that there are quite a few complaints online regarding similar calls and the conduct of the sales associates, it was almost enough to get me to ditch my technet account.

If you are in the same boat it’s actually quite easy to get the calls to stop. Call the Microsoft support number (listed here). At the time of writing it was (800) 344-2121 and the options to talk to someone were 6 followed by 2. They will want your technet subscriber ID (some really long number that was printed on the original invoice) but they can also look you up by name/email.

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  1. Douglas Brace Says:

    Just got one of those calls yesterday. I don’t pick up numbers that I don’t recognize. Googling the number I found your site.

    My contract expires in the middle of December and this was the first call I got. I’ve gotten several mailers and emails about renewing as well.

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