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Dell PowerEdge C6100 SATA Cable Part Numbers

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

I had a hard time finding these so I figured it was worth posting them somewhere so others wouldn’t have to search for as long as I did.

  • HJ6F0 – 4 sata + SGPIO (sff-8485) => mini sas (sff-8087)
  • HYJ6G – 4 sata + SGPIO => mini sas + SGPIO + 2 sata + SGPIO
  • 334VV – 2 SATA + SGPIO => mini sas
  • 6J3R2 – 6 sata cables
  • DV4VY – 3 sata cables
  • 3T15J – 3 sata + SGPIO =>  mini sas

Now why do I care about these cryptic and difficult to find part numbers? I recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge C6100 server with the goal of consolidating my back-end storage and front-facing webservers into a single 2U box. This required retooling which of the 4 units all the hard drives were connected to. The default configuration is to connect three SATA drives per unit, I want to connect six to each of the top two units and will use some more localized storage for the other two.

Work in progress

A work in progress