My name is Clint Whiteside. I have degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Oregon State University (along with a degree in Computer Science) and Portland State University. I work at a large semiconductor company and am in grad school for Electrical and Computer Engineering at Portland State.

I frequently have found myself Googling to find answers to technical questions that I can’t immediately answer myself, both for my former job in student IT and when playing with technology on my own time. Most of the time Google returns pretty good answers but occasionally I am left to work out my own solution. The goal of this blog is to post the results of my labors when Google has failed me so the next person who comes along does not suffer the same fate.

XKCD Comic

My goal is not to be like DenverCoder9.

I may also post about stuff that returns plenty of results yet has not been discussed to a sufficient depth or presented in a way that I find useful. I could also post about things that, while apparently painfully obvious and practically common knowledge, were unknown to me until I encountered them. Odds are there will also be a couple off-topic posts related to my interests, after all this is my blog.

If my solutions don’t work for you by all means move onto your next search result, if you do eventually find an answer remember to come back and post a comment to help out the next person to come along.

There is no regular update schedule, there are no planned topics. What you see is what you get, no refunds. 🙂